Dressovation: Fashionnovation’s Second Program

The products of Dressovation, an event organized by Fashionnovation

Dressovation: Fashionnovation’s second program

After the successful arrangement of Fashioknowledge Fiesta 1.0, many positive things have happened. Students from batch: 43 and 44 all joined with Kazi Purba and Fashionnovation started to become a common place of interest for all. Fashionnovation started encouraging the students for reading books, arranging a lot of competitions, grooming students for their careers and many more.

Fashionnovation started to become a hub of the likeminded students. We also felt that there should be a fashion illustration competition because the students of TFD are creative in nature and appreciation begets inspiration. So in 2019, Fashionnovation launched a program called Dressovation and it came out as a grand success. Anything like that happened for the first time in BUTEX’s history.  Responding the call of Kazi Purba, the students of TFD-44 started forming teams of 3 and started to make their fashion illustration projects. It was very new for them because they were still in the first year of their university life but it didn’t become an obstacle because Fashionnovation team from TFD-43 briefed them and trained them and ultimately everyone came up with their projects. It was a complete unworldly feeling when everything came together. The teachers praised the works and the judgement happened by the vote of TFD-43 in front of our two honorable teachers- Md. Mahamudul Hasan and Naila Sharmin Kanta. The final judgement came from our Departmental Head sir and the prizes were given to the winners in our TFD Sari-Punjabi day. Ultimately it was a daunting task, it was an unprecedented and successful program of Fashionnovation.







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