Fashionnovation in COVID-19 Lockdown: Fashioknowledge Fiesta 2.0!

October 12, 2020 | Our works, The story of Fashionnovation

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When Corona stroke us, we didn’t get stuck. Fashionnovation thought about the students’ mental health during the lock down and so we found out new ways to engage the youths. Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba came up with an idea of taking our flagship event ‘Fashioknowledge Fiesta’ online. Reportedly it is the first ever lockdown quiz contest in Covid-19.

Thus ‘Fashioknowledge Fiesta 2.0’ kicked in online with the TFD Batch: 45. The engagement was overwhelming, fun and phenomenal. The students enjoyed a lot and the students of TFD-45 regained their spirit in that dark time of nothingness. The Daily Campus featured our event and it was a great bang in the void of lockdown because it inspired a lot to make their lockdown more enjoyable with a lockdown quiz contest full of knowledge, thrilling moments and amusements.

Figure 10: Fashionnovation's Fashioknowledge Fiesta 2.0 report in The Daily Campus

Fashionnovation’s Fashioknowledge Fiesta 2.0 report in The Daily Campus


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