If the World Is a Tea Lover, Then Fashion Is the Tea

September 27, 2020 | Top Trends

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As one’s day starts with a cup of tea, that’s how it started with fashion. Yes, what you hear is perfectly right. Don’t you believe that? Okay, let’s see!

Some of us may think that fashion is a term for the luxurious people. They think only a short time ago, the common people got acquainted with it. But that is not the case at all. Fashion started when humans began wearing clothes. According to history, people began wearing clothes somewhere between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. These clothes were typically made from plants, animal skins and bone. That is the root of fashion. So, clearly, fashion is not a new thing.

Over time people realized that fashion is not related to clothes or what we wear only. Fashion is the essence of one’s personality and beliefs. Fashion doesn’t affect what we wear only, fashion influences what we do, what we say and even what we think. So, see, fashion is found everywhere.

There was a time when there were rules on what people would wear. There were many taboos in the industry of fashion. People had to match color of everything they wore. Even there was a realization that pink can’t go on red, blue shouldn’t go with green, gold can’t go with silver, navy blue can’t go with black etc. But if we look at fashion now, there is no limitation in wearing dress of any color. Now people have their freedom to choose their color. Like this, many taboos have been broken. The rise of hemp usage in outwear can be a great example of shattering taboos. These might be possible just because this generation is not afraid to say what they think or what they want to wear. It’s just like having a sip of tea when we want. Now, fashion is bold and daring.

Fashion plays an important role to make our life colorful and to change life with the time. It makes one feel good about oneself. Fashion changed from time to time but it has shown its existence in all ages.

Nowadays, fashion has become something which is constantly evolving-one that has definitely affected our day to day life. Fashion is a reflection of one’s inner self. Fashion serves a deeper influence on the life of people and possesses more than just ambition as a reason for its existence.

At the present time people keep a sharp eye on what is new in the market, what is going on the fashion weeks etc. They are aware enough about fashion. This is what is happening as a result, we, the fashion designers are becoming more responsible to fulfill the heart of people with new fashion. We are well aware of the power we hold. We have to make the best tea for the tea lovers.

Priyanka Sarkar
Department of Textile Fashion and Design,                                                                  Bangladesh University of Textiles,
ID: 2018-1-6-018
Batch: 44


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