Introducing Fashion Into Apparel Sector

Introducing Fashion Into Apparel Sector

Everyone knows fashion but only a few people know what the fashion word actually means. Fashion is a language which expresses what a person thinks about clothing.

It shows the taste and the trend. Fashion doesn’t mean only to wear nice clothes or having a good design, it has a large variations depending on various things.

It also reflects every culture in the world. Fashion has mainly three components such as style, change and acceptance.

Style is any characteristics or look of a person’s means of expressing himself through clothing, hair, footwear and accessories. It’s the modification of fashion.

Change is a common factor of fashion. Fashion needs to change for the season, for adoption to the environmental situations, global events, culture etc.

Change represents the fashion with glossiness of new ideas. Fashion gets its acknowledgement when a group of people accepts it.

Every culture has its own modesty such as Western and South Asian people have a huge difference in their choice of clothes.

The image is to depict modest fashion

A woman in modest outfit. Courtesy: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

When a particular style becomes popular it becomes a trend which lasts for a certain period of time.

It generally shows what designers are presenting and what types of garments people are liking. Fashion recognizes the human beings behind the clothes we wear.

Garments are the important needs for everyone and it is through fashion that these garments are an important aspect of fashion.

The garment we produce by clothing manufacturers fall into three main classes.

When we talk about haute couture the first thing comes in our mind is that it is made only for an individual customer with high quality, expensive fabric and with a unique style. Haute couture garments are made entirely by hand by the most skilled designers and represent the best quality fashion money can buy.

Ready to wear garments are a cross section between haute couture and mass market. This type is not made for private clients or for every class of people.

This garments are used mainly in fashion week where established designers represent their own creation. Mass market is for all classes. These garments are made of cheaper fabrics with simpler production.

Days back thousands of years, people realized that they needed more than their own hair and skin to protect themselves from the atmosphere around them and the importance of apparel.

Clothing is used to cover the body, to make you feel more attractive, for comfort and protection. But we can’t wear anything such as if the apparel is not stitched properly, or if it’s not perfect according to the weather etc.

If everything is of same color, same style the world would be dull. Almost all the culture around the world avoid nakedness moreover we will never like to put on a piece of apparel which has no fitting, unique design or the exact quality according to the price.

To make the garments accepted we need fashion which makes it ready to wear in the society. It helps to conceal nudity and express modesty. Fashion tends to create such garments that please the eyes of the customers.

The fashion designers choose the perfect color combination and perfect fabric for the garments.

Fashion design services help them in looking for the outsource that will help them in advertising the garments. Clothing is a mold of self-expression and fashion makes the expression worthy. Fashion is wrapped with the reality of everyday life.

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