Fashionnovation’s Free Online Course on ‘Printing for Fashion Designers: Printing Technology and Photoshop’

Fashionnovation’s Free Online Course on ‘Printing for Fashion Designers: Printing Technology and Photoshop’

Fashionnovation is always prompt about changes. When the newest batch of TFD embarked, they literally had nothing to do, no study, no activity. In Covid-19 lockdown, such situation caused a great mental stress in each and every student in the world. And TFD-46 was more prone to this mental breakdown because they had nothing to do then. We thought about them and arranged a free online course named ‘Printing for fashion designers’ with Shawkat Hossain Sohel, the Chief Designer of Unifill Dyeing Mills Ltd.

The course was fun, engaging and it offered a great learning opportunity for all the fashion designing students. We didn’t only help the students of TFD, we also gave free accesss to our courses to the students from Chittagong University, Jahangir Nagar University, Mowlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology and Shanto Mariam University of Creative Technology. In the course, students learnt about the principles of printing, the calculations, the way to design advanced repeats in Photoshop.

Md. Mahamudul Hasan, our Head of the department, Rebeka Sultana, the Assistant Professor of our department, Yesmin Tuli, Faculty of National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) and Setara Begum, the Head of the Textile Engineering Department of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) mentored and inspired us while running the online course. Special thanks goes to our Head of the department because without his optimistic approval, it wouldn’t be possible.

A screenshot from Bunon's post glorifying Fasshionnovation

Our ‘Printing for fashion designers’ course covered by Bunon. Courtesy: Screenshot taken from Bunon’s website.


A screenshot from Zoom of Fashionnovation's free course

Setara Begum, The Head of the Textile Engineering Dept. BUFT joined our course and inspired us time to time


In the mean time of running the online course, our founder thought about our online presence and felt the necessity of our own website. So Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba immediately started working day and night to initiate our website. He bought the domain and hosting and surprised all of our members on one dreamy night! With the help of other Fashionnovation members and their content contributions, we finally launched our beloved website- and here it is!

According to us, is our online home, our pride and our dream. It’s an attachment to our heart. Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba says “This website is like our home, our contents are like furniture and photos are like wall paint. Our members are working hard to decorate their beloved home with all what they got- their divine soul and uncanny talent.”

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