World's first digital wall magazine by Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba, the Founder and President of Fashionnovation
Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba, the Founder and President of Fashionnovation standing beside the digital wall magazine ‘Ronger Jadukor’. He is also the editor and publisher of the magazine.

Digital Wall Magazine: The Very First of Its Kind in The Varsity!

In 2019, we felt that there isn’t any platform for the TFDians to publish their write ups though they are extremely talented in writing.

Kazi Purba, being a writer of Kaler Kantho and Textile Today himself, immediatedly took a decision to do something for it. He asked Md. Mahamudul Hasan and got his positive feedback. As there wasn’t any funding, Kazi Purba came up with a new form of magazine-‘Digital wall magazine’ and launched ‘Ronger Jadukor’ with his hard earned money from feature writing!

All the students who wrote in Ronger Jadukor, showed that we, the TFDians are not only creative in drawing, painting, we are also master at writing.

The students from TFD-43, 44 came up with wonderful stories, poems and illustrations. we became overwhelmed by reading all of the writings and a seed of another venture started to grow in his mind.

What’s the venture? Well, let’s keep it a secret now! By this time, the venture is well alive. If you are a member of Fashionnovation, you already know it. But if you aren’t, you just need to keep patience and go through our next history timeline writings!

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Journey of Fashionnovation


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