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October 18, 2022 | Portfolio

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Image   Name 

Gulshan Ara Tasnim

  Institute :

Bangladesh University of Textiles

Department of Textile Fashion and Design

  Brief Introduction

Hello there! My name is Gulshan ara Tasnim. I’m a Bangladeshi girl, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m an ambiverted, curious teenager and a good listener. I’m not a good artist, but I can draw.


Painting, Crafting, Cartoon making.


Traditional art, Adobe Photoshop, Digital art.

  Why fashion is important to me?/ Why I love fashion?/ My inspiration for Fashion

People must be dressing differently, wearing various outfits, jewellery, and accessories. Do you think you could make a few adjustments to those clothes to make them more elegant and fashionable or to make them more useful and comfortable?
If you said “Yes,” you can become a fashion designer with the aid of formal schooling or training. Additionally, you don’t have to do everything yourself to be successful since you can always ask for assistance.
It would be simple to become a fashion designer if you had a passion for fashion, vision, and inspiration.

  What is Fashionnovation to you?

Fashionnovation is an online platform where I can share my creative work with the whole world. It helps to generate ideas.

  Best works 

Renewal of demands is being opened to new ways of thinking and feeling..✨



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