Fashion for Enhancing Personal Identity

Fashion for Enhancing Personal Identity

In this beautiful world, each and everyone is in a constant search of identity, something that will make them unique and indentifiable; to enhance personal identity what immediately comes in mind is fashion where fashion and identity have always been a great pair. For humans, fashion for enhancing personal identity has always been a crucial element that has been a regulating force in a person’s entire life.

Introduction of Fashion and identity:

Fashion can be defined a constantly changing trend, it is necessary to recognize that at the present moment fashion has a deeper influence on peoples life, it is not only anymore something to cover ourselves, fashion now-a-days show some part of people’s personality and tell to other people who they are and that is called identification. Clothing has become a part of the self – realization of every person. The choice of clothing and accessories is as important as the identification of the colour of hair, height, skin and gender.It is said, “Clothing now-a-days is a media of information about the person wearing it” (Barnard, 2002)

How Fashion Enhances Personal Identity:

Clothing that help us to express and create an identity. At the beginning it was only designed for covering our body, But now-a-day it offers a great variety of styles and it also gives people the opportunity to reveal their identity.


Create your own identity by using fashion as a tool, The mirror depicts fashion and identity.

Create your own identity by using fashion as a tool, The mirror depicts fashion and identity.

Every dress who is wearing this, carries a strong strong message message about that person’s choice and identity. So it can be said that clothing of a person is a media of communication with the outside world. Moreover, it is also a wonderful way to tell people about one’s state and the status.

Fashion is like a art. A cloth is a thought of a designer, where he gives his creation any shape he likes and want, at the same time he also thinks who is wearing it, and where will she/he go by wearing it. By Keeping each and everything in his mind he design a dress.Every cloth carrries a massage, which is the main identification of a person. And fashion helps to clear that massge, it helps to create a confidence to the man who is wearing it.

Impact on outer perception:

Clothing have an immense impact on the perception of people around and on the

perception of the person wearing them too. Fashion is one of the most powerful means of communication, which sometimes may play a vital role in the life of a person is especially concerns the cases of getting a desired job.

Therefore fashion may not only carry a massage, it can also create a “pseudo- message” that is required by a situation the person find himself in. As a result the customers feel more confident in such a consultants.So, fashion is a very keen tool of manipulation while communicating besides its importance in social class, culture and gender relations of people.

Clothing as a symbol of culture (Fashion as self-imaging):

How to dress, dress up and physical appearance are often the basis of first impressions, which are relatively long-lasting, even the glasses can influence other people’s perceptions of usage. Sometimes we dress to impress others, to be more like them, or if we wear clothes that are contrary to the norms held by a group of people to express our rejection of their values. Clothing is a part of unity that cannot be separated from social life. In the personal dimension, clothing becomes a medium to explore expressions and ideas that sometimes appear in abstract forms. Through the socio-cultural dimension, clothing is used as a medium of communication, promotion, and even the formation of ideology. Various problems that arise in social life can be reflected through clothing products, so that the formulation of communication between users, connoisseurs, and clothing creators is formed systematically.

Women with their own cultural outfits which depicts their own identity. Fashion and identity are inexorably intertwined

Women with their own cultural outfits, Courtesy : photo by Ante from Pexels

Clothing products as a visual manifestation of cultural products are often used as markers and social identities for the social community. Symbols of discrimination, adoration, characterization and blasphemy appear along with the circulation of clothing products. Discourse on clothing is not a simple matter in the social cultural context; religion, morals, ethics, and art. This paper, in its limitations, with semiotic, communication, aesthetic and religious perspectives, describes the socio-cultural dimension of dress style.

So, at the end it can be said that, the relationship between fashion and indentity are inseparable.Identity is a necessary process of a healthy personality because it is a part

of self realization of a person.Fashion form an outstanding base for personal identification with all its symbolism and attributes.

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