Katarína Durčáková: A Slovak Girl’s World of Fashion

Katarína Durčáková: A Slovak Girl’s World of Fashion

Katarína Durčáková is a Slovak fashion design enthusiast. She studies Applied Informatics but she has an indomitable spirit to study and work for fashion and that led her to pursue fashion designing as a career though studying fashion design in her country is not possible. She says fashion is her life and she creates some designs in her free time. Recently Kazi Purba had the opportunity to know about her love for fashion and her story. So, let us listen to her story and see her beautiful works directly from her. Fashionnovation wishes that she finds greater opportunities to study fashion and work as a fashion designer and add more beauty to this fashion world.

Figure 1: Katarína Durčáková, A passionate fashionista who has a great story with fashion to tell the world. Photo courtesy: Katarína Durčáková.


I am Katarína from Slovakia and I want to tell you something about my story with fashion.

Last year I was in one Slovak brand for internship for three days. I designed a few designs with fashion designer from that brand and fell in love with this job.

Designing was my hobby in my free time, but I never thought that doing this work is so wonderful. In my free time, during my studies, I still continue designing. Because in my country we don’t have a lot of opportunities for this type of job, I create and still try to find some clients from foreign countries.

Figure 2: Katarína Durčáková’s fashion illustration 1.

Figure 3: Katarína Durčáková’s fashion illustration 2.

Figure 4: Katarína Durčáková’s fashion illustration 3.

Figure 5: Katarína Durčáková’s fashion illustration 4.

I design handbag for my foreign friend Ashley from UK and hoodie for his friend too, because they like my designs. Then I illustrated a few fashion illustrations for one woman, who is a seamstress. She likes my dolls with long legs. One of my biggest success I consider is T-shirt, which I created for one small Slovak brand BENATKI.

This T-shirt was created with a print and people still wear it. And this is why I love to do this job.

Figure 6: Katarína Durčáková’s graphic designing works 1.

After my studies I want to start my fashion career. I finish studies in a few months.

I know how to draw in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Figure 7: Katarína Durčáková’s graphic designing works 2.

Figure 8: Katarína Durčáková’s graphic designing works 3.

Figure 9: Katarína Durčáková’s graphic designing works 3.

I think, that I am a creative, responsible funny and I always go after my goals. I considered myself a very empathetic person with a positive approach to work. Let’s do it and never give up.

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