A Fresher’s Thoughts on the Department of Textile Fashion and Design

My name is Md. Asaduzzaman Ovi. I am a student of the Department of Textile Fashion and Design of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). I am in the junior most batch of this university.

First of all, I couldn’t imagine that I would study about textiles. At that time I had no idea about textiles. But during the admission test I got some idea about textile engineering from some older brothers and sisters..BUTEXian brothers used to come to Udvash coaching centre to take classes. Then I learned some more information about Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). There are 10 departments in total. Our Textile Fashion and Design department has 40 seets. Then I picked up BUTEX’s admission form. BUTEX’s older brother helped me a lot, when I took the BUTEX admission test exam. Also they helped a lot the day when I went to the campus to get admitted. Then I got into this Textile Fashion and Design department .Ever since then I have been interested in fashion.

Thoughts, fantasies, dreams bloomed about this Textile Fashion and Design since that day. Then I joined some older brothers and sisters of BUTEX on facebook. They are very helpful. They gave me a lot of information about fashion and textiles. They give ideas about the courses of BUTEX. But before the class started on our campus, the Corona pandemic stroke. Even then the BUTEX authority announced us an online orientation and they did it. From then our online class started. Our teachers are taking their classes in a very beautiful way. Textile fashion and design is not just about fashion. Everything related to the ancillary engineering topics are taught here. And many people think of fashion as just a department related to clothes. Fashion is a subject that is related to our daily lives. What should I do to make this world a better place with the choice of materials for manufacturing my clothes, what kind of clothes should I wear, what kind of food should I eat, what kind of phone should I use, these are a kind of fashion. These are the ones that provide beauty through design. But fashion and design are more used with clothes.

Md. Asaduzzaman Ovi                                                                                    Department of Textile Fashion and Design,                                                                  Bangladesh University of Textiles,