Noonoouri-the Virtual Fashion Model and Virtual Influencer

Virtual fashion models and influencers have very real impact on fashion industry. Munich-based designer and ingenious director Joerg Zuber is behind one of the internet’s most important virtual personas: Noonoouri.

The virtual fashion model has become a big player among the style world, closing in on 3 lakhs Instagram followers. This has already worked with major brands like Dior, Versace and Swarovski.

Noonoouri is alleged to be 19 years old young girl living in Paris. Her Instagram posts typically feature product placement. These kind of posts have received nearly ten thousand likes. Sometimes, she seems in pictures or videos of notable humans from the fashion industry.

Some interesting facts about virtual fashion models:

  • Each still image that gets denote takes about 3 days to make.
  • To seek out the proper idea, obtaining her rendered within the pose in 3D in virtual fashion model software.
  • Tailors making the clothes to her body then compositing the entire.
  • Animations will take between 2 and 6 weeks.

Such idea was developed by Zuber and his creative agency, controlled substance result, about seven years ago. When failing to secure any funding from investors, Zuber launched Noonoouri himself in late 2017. Noonoouri is considered one of the first virtual influencers to create it huge, though Miquela Sousa, with her 1.6 million Instagram followers, is usually attributable with spawning the genre.

Virtual influencers charm to brands for several reasons, beside their quality with younger demographics, and unit of measurement thought of a more cost-effective and safer marketing chance than operational with humans.

Like Miquela, Noonoouri has characteristics of a true fashion model. Creating Noonoouri, Zuber wished to have something that’s utterly completely different from a true human, which suggests that she extremely is initially sight recognizable as a personality, not a person’s being. Zuber developed her as a global citizen who is able to attach societies, folks and even countries, along with her open and fearless mind.

Noonoouri proves that virtual influencers don’t need to be one hundred percent life-like to be effective, and should alleviate a number of the moral considerations that keep company with blurring the road between reality and virtual reality.


Gulshan Ara Tasnim

Department of Textile Fashion and Design,                                                                Bangladesh University of Textiles, Batch-46

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