The Inception of Fashionnovation: Fashioknowledge Fiesta 1.0

The cover of the first official event of Fashionnovation- Fashioknowledge Fiesta

Back in 2018, there wasn’t any platform for the students of the Department of Textile Fashion and Design (DoTFD) of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) to express their artistic minds and to showcase their creative works. Being the most creative bunch of students by nature, there was no place for them to show their talent. There wasn’t any activity driven space for them and so it felt like the death of some creative souls in a puddle while they should be diving in an ocean. This situation always bothered a then second year student studying in the same department. This predicament made him to dream big. He started to talk about his dreams with his classmates and his mentors Dr. Abbas Uddin Shiyak, the Assistant Professor of Dyes and Chemical Engineering and Md. Mahamudul Hasan, the Head of the Department of Textile Fashion and Design. With everybody’s inspiration the boy decided to set sail. He took the decision to make something big with all what he had-his friends, his juniors, his mentors and his ambition to conquer.

That student is none other than our Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba, the founder of Fashionnovation. With courage and belief, Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba started from the scratch. He asked his classmates to be the host and the students of Batch: 44 who were then studying in the first year to be their guests for a knowledge based quiz competition. Everyone unanimously joined the event. All the teachers happily gave their consent and Ummey Hani Barsha, the Faculty of the department joined the event as the judge. Thus the first ever fashion based quiz competition of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) if not of the entire country came into being. A new era of creativity and extracurricular activities started with a shine on the 7th of July 2018.

Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba, the founder and president of Fashionnovation is anchoring the final round!

Our special guest of the event Ummey Hani Barsha, the Adjunct Faculty of Department of Textile Fashion and Design handing over the prize to the champion team

A group photo of all the participants along with our special guest




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