Tidings of Khadi

March 21, 2024 | Academic

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Khadi is a versatile fabric which is hand spun and hand woven, capitally made with cotton but it can be also made with silk or wool. Since Khadi is not industrially manufactured just like other textiles, it is economical as it does not rely on electronic units and also environment friendly. The fabric is comfortable, lightly harsh and it gives cool feel in summer and warm in winter.

Khadi has a history in India, opposing British rule which was encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian dependence movement. It was then used to boycott British goods and to empower the rural India . To bring it in the front, the government set up Khadi and Village Industries Commission to promote Khadi production in India . It was quite hard to acknowledge khadi to everyone as it was no longer to be traced. Later a dynamic change was recognized as khadi was economial than the others. The journey of khadi in Bangladesh was started in 1921 when Gandhi went to Chandina upazila ,located in Comilla. Hence many weaving centre were developed in Mainamati, Muradnagar etc. Khadi cottage ,Khadi house , Khadi Aarong etc. are some products of Comilla nowadays.

Khadi fabric can be of different types, such as: cotton khadi, silk khadi , lilen khadi, khadi silk cotton etc. Shirts, sarees, shawl, towel, bed sheet etc are made by Khadi fabric.

Khadi fabric. Photo courtesy: Author

Being a handspun material it has some problems such as lack of modern technologies, material crisis, lack of proper guidance or lack of proper marketing but having these obstacles it is still competing because of the development of culture, tradition, contribution to national economy and remembrance the rich history of it.

With the global change of marketing a new dimension has added to the Khadi products as it’s sustainable and a local product, designers are choosing it and making wonderful designs out of it. Earlier khadi was dyed in earthy tones but now muted tones are also used like brown, greens etc. in producing khadi fabric. It’s getting versatile day by day.

Recently The Fashion Design Counsil of Bangladesh (FDCB) had organized a khadi fest where an exhibition and fashion show was held on January 2024. The show represented a runway where the renowned Bangladeshi designers exerted their latest designs with the novelty of khadi.

Khadi is a sustainable, ecofriendly traditional garment which speaks the story of India’s freedom. Khadi has always been a part of our Bangali tradition also. It might be the future fabric renowned all over the world.

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Soumeen Tasnim

Department of Textile Fashion and Design (DoTFD)

Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)





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