Who We Are!


Fashionnovation is a hub of energetic youths who are committed to change the world positively through fashion and innovation. This is a platform of the students of Textile Fashion and Design which helps them to unite, learn and showcase their creative works. Founded by Kazi Farhan Hossain Purba, a student of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX), this platform initiated its journey by encouraging the students of BUTEX’s Department of Textile Fashion and Design to know more about fashion by arranging a quiz competition named Fashioknowledge Fiesta. With the passage of time this organization has arranged many seminars, webinars and competitions to help and encourage the fashion students. Now Fashionnovation is in its way to unite all the fashion institutes of Bangladesh and other countries to give the momentum to encourage and to be encouraged. The fast fashion’s devastating role on the humans and the environment always bothered us. That’s why our goal is to preach sustainability in the fashion sector of Bangladesh and other countries by creating an ideal model. For that we arrange knowledge based quiz competitions, create contents and update people with the latest news of fashion. We are also on our way to create sustainable products using natural dyes and natural resources. The satisfaction of our journey lies in spreading light through fashion and innovation. That’s how we are up and running and going towards to reach our goals.


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