Fashion Nova: How a Fast Fashion Brand is Using Psychology to Sell Like Crazy

Fashion Nova, Ready for Halloween
Fashion Nova, Ready for Halloween. Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website

Fashion Nova, The Fast Fashion Brand, Ready For The Halloween!

Using Psychology at Their Vantage Point

Fashion Nova is a fast fashion retail company, widely celebrated for their exotic and bold dresses in the US and all over the world. To sell their fast fashion products, they are always utilizing practical human psychology and using everything at their advantage, which is really something worth studying. Though Fashionnovation studies sustainable fashion and promotes such brands, it is worth investigating why fast fashion brands are so much popular in customers minds. Recently I visited Fashion Nova’s website to see their collections and what they are doing for the upcoming Halloween and how they are increasing their sales by playing with psychology!

Fashion Nova First Welcomes You With an Innovative Non-Deniable Offer!

Will you take for 10% off or Do you want to pay the full price?

As I visited their website, I was stunned to see their business strategy! Their brains must be on steroid. Can’t believe? Just look at this!

Fashion Nova's irrefutable offer
Fashion Nova’s irrefutable offer! Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website

To receive their offer, they have only given me two options-Take their 10% off or ‘I will pay full price’! Hahaha! No escape from that! A creative offer, I must say!

Fashion Nova: Ready For The Halloween

Yellow color letters, huge discounts and urgency

As I see their home page, they have projected their Halloween outfits prominently. The below screen shot will give you the vibe. They have titled it ‘It’s spooky SZN.’

Fashion Nova, Ready for Halloween
Fashion Nova, Ready for Halloween. Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website.

Interestingly they are giving 30-70% off for their products. Very much affordable for everyone. Their yellow letters on the red filtered photos undoubtedly give a great vibe, an attractive calling to buy their stuff.

If you see closely, they have a time ticking clock (a stop watch) to create urgency among the buyers. The buyers also enjoy the urgency and buy like hot cakes.

Fitting You Into A Tribe

Fashion Nova is interestingly selling their Halloween products as ‘squad’ categories. So, they are telling us to choose our beloved squads. A tribal feeling, I can say. In psychological terminology, this feeling gives everyone a shelter, a home which everyone wants to be a part of.

Fashion Nova Women, Halloween product range: Choose your squad!
Fashion Nova Women, Halloween product range: Choose your squad! Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website.

According to their product display, the squads can be Sporty, Cowgirls, Super heroes and Bunnies. The products are beautiful and innovative. Which one is of your kind?

Fall Collections: When You Come for Halloween, You Can Also Pack Some Fall Dresses!

Fashion Nova Fall
Fashion Nova Fall Debut. Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website.

For their Fall Debut collection, Fashion Nova is giving 30% off for new arrivals. Again a huge discount! If you go here for a Halloween costume, you can’t return without seeing these fall collections. So, no wonder you can also fill your cart with such beautiful products! Another psychological point triggered!

Fall Dresses from Fashion Nova
Fall Dress collections of Fashion Nova, Courtesy: Screen shot taken from their website.

Buy, Buy and Buy

Here Fashion Nova has gone a few steps further. They also have an offer of Buy now, pay later which is a tremendous offer for many. According to their offer, one can pay in 4 installments which are totally interest free which is in no doubt very convenient for many consumers and in the same time it is increasing Fashion Nova’s sales!

Fashion Nova psychological offer. Fashion Nova psychology
Fashion Nova’s Buy now pay later offer

Though Fashionnovation preaches sustainable fashion ideas and brands, this is very interesting to study why the fast fashion brands can sell so much. Fashion Nova is no wonder a successful fast fashion brand of its kind and studying its tactics is no wonder worthwhile!

Which points of this article resonates with you? Have you found more? Let’s have a discussion in the comment section! Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members.

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