GUCCI: A Luxurious Fashion Brand

October 14, 2020 | Top fashion news

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What is Gucci?

Gucci is one of the most luxurious and fashionable brands. It is an Italian fashion brand which was established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. Before all, Guccio Gucci was a porter at the Savoy hotel in London when he first became enomored with glazing suitcase for guests. At the beginning the brand produced leather goods, silk good, luggage, shoes and hand bags. Now its product lines include ready-to-wear, makeup, fragrances and home decoration.

Why is it called Gucci?

The GG stands for Guccio Gucci, the father of the company. The name Gucci comes from Guccio Gucci.

What is the meaning of Gucci?

Though Gucci comes from its founder’s name, its meaning is worldwide taken as ‘fancy, very fashionable.’

The history of Gucci

In 1938, three sons (Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo) of Guccio Gucci joined the business. Guccio’s sons were tasked with expanding the brand’s presence, bringing Gucci to Rome and at last Milan. In 1950, Gucci experienced unbelievable success as a label of choice amongst rich travelers, actor or actress and other well-heeled customer, amazing designs. Guccio Gucci died in 1953. After that the business continued under the direction of his three sons, Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo. When Rodolfo Gucci passed away in 1983, the control of this brand passed to his son, Maurizio. On this period, the brand experienced a lot of troubles. In 1993, the Gucci family was entirely ousted from the capital of the company. After that, the brand was revived with a provocative ‘Porno Chic‘ props which puts seduction at the centre. Gucci was acquired by the French conglomerate Pinault Printemps Redoute in 1999.

American designer Tom Ford was hired as a ready-to-wear designer in 1990. Four years later, he promoted to Creative Director. During that period, Ford was credited as being instrumental in helping to recover Gucci’s fame. In 2004, Tom Ford replaced by Frida Giannini and he presented his last collection with Gucci. Frida Giannini took control of both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear in 2006. During 2020s, Gucci became an iconic ‘Geek-Chic’ brand.

Alessandro Michele is the current creative designer for Gucci since 2015. Michele was responsible for a number of executive roles before taking on creative direction for Gucci. Marco Bizzari is CEO of Gucci since 2014. After few years, Gucci had achieved record sales under Michele’s leadership, fuelling an 11% boost in profits for the brand’s parent company. Now Gucci is owned by the French luxury group Kering. In 2019, Gucci operated 487 stores for 17,157 employees and expanded their brands all over the world. Recently, Michele declared in May 2020 that Gucci clasping seasonless fashion and leaving the structure of Fashion Week behind. It will also be cutting down on its shows, going from five to just two every year. And the brand’s high performance will be continued always.

Gucci’s logo

Gucci logo regarded as the most recognizable in terms of luxury branding. Aldo Gucci, son of the founder of Guccio Gucci, designed the Gucci logo for his father. The use of the two G’s is in reference to the initials of Guccio Gucci himself. It’s an artistic, significance and most memorable way to create the founder’s signification in a visually endless way.

GUCCI logo

GUCCI logo

Gucci brand is influencing world’s people day by day. Actor, singer, dancer, wealthy people, people who walked on the red carpet or who attending functions like to wear this brand dress, shoes, bag etc. Elizabeth Taylor were photographed carrying bamboo – handled Gucci bags and the Horsebit loafer in 1953. Few years later, Jacqueline Kennedy was spotted carrying a Gucci bag, the fashion house named it ‘ The Jackie ‘. Also Grace Kelly had an influence on Gucci’s designs as well. On that time, Gucci had stores in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and many other places. In 2019, Harry Styles attended Met Gala by wearing Gucci brand dress.

You may be curious if you love typography and wonder which font it is in every text you see, the font of GUCCI is Granjon.
Gucci Font is → Granjon.

Does Gucci have a slogan?

Unlike most brands, Gucci doesn’t have any particular slogan. They have simple phrases communicating with the themes of different ads though.

What is unique about Gucci?

Gucci has developed over the years as a sign of abundance representing the luxury and glamorous fashion house. Gucci has so many products such as hats, gloves, jewellery, watches, shoes, bags, dress, belt silks etc. Gucci designed dresses are so unique and stylish among othe brand dresses. This brand has their every seasonal dress collection. This company organizes fashion shows to show their design products to the buyers or public. They make shoes which are very comfortable. However, Gucci’s every product is so amazing and demanding that recently, they create a lot of profit by selling these things . According to me ,this brand is on top of the list. I like Gucci’s product so much.


The reasons are given below:

  • Rich heritage and smart business strategy
  • Global brand recognition
  • Unique and well researched elements of design and clever marketing to stir consumer emotions
  • Endorsement of royals, politicians, heads of state, movie stars, a history that confers the Italian label with a unique sense of prestige, status, and desirability.
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Excellent and unquestionable quality of their products


Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director of Gucci, is in the creative world of fashion design from 1994-present and serving Gucci.

Trending products of GUCCI

There are many products that Gucci has produced and won the heart of its customers. We are talking about some of the most trending products of Gucci here:

The Gucci belt

Gucci belt is so much iconic that you can visualize it even without seeing its photo. You have seen celebrities wearing the belt with pride. This is undoubtedly a unique and coveted piece of Gucci.

Gucci Belts for Women

Gucci Belts for Women. Courtesy: FARFETCH

The Gucci silk scarf

Gucci GG Bee-print Silk Scarf

Gucci GG Bee-print Silk Scarf. Source: Pinterest.

Interlocking G Horsebit silk scarf in ivory | GUCCI® US

Interlocking G Horsebit silk scarf in ivory | Courtesy: GUCCI® US

Gucci silk scarves are classic products that has faced the examination of time.

The Horse-bit Loafers

This unique piece is a classic. Starting its journey in the 1950’s, it has seen many changes in the designer team but the original design has remained unchanged and the coveting from the customers is still the same.

Gucci's Iconic Horsebit Loafer

Gucci’s Iconic Horsebit Loafer. Photo courtesy: GQ.

Sumaiya Ferdousi Arpa

Department of Textile Fashion and Design,

Bangladesh University of Textiles,
Batch: 45
ID: 2019-1-6-021


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