Jana’s Amber Design House: A Brand That Is More Than a Meditation

Jana’s Amber Design House: A Brand That Is More Than a Meditation

Fashionnovation is on a journey to introduce you with unique, sustainable, rising fashion brands and the masterminds behind them. As a matter of fact, we’ll explore Amber Design House and the mind of its founder. In our today’s exclusive interview, we take the humble opportunity to introduce you with Jana Cuprijanoviča, a Latvian fashion designer, graduated as an organization psychologist, then found her passion for fashion and went all in to serve her customers with her handmade cardigans, creating which is like meditation to her. Today we will listen to her story of building up a brand called Amber Design House to serve her customers around the world with love.

Kazi Purba: We know that Amber Design House is a handmade products company and brand founded by you in Riga, Latvia, near the Baltic sea. Can you tell us something about yourself? 

Jana: My name is Jana. I am the creator of Amber Design House. This is my hobby, work, love.

I graduated as an organization psychologist and all the acquired knowledge and work experience is very useful even now, developing my small business.

Jana's photo, the owner of Amber Design House. The photo is provided for Fashionnovation's exclusive interview

Jana Cuprijanoviča, the founder of Amber Design House. Photo courtesy: Amber Design House.

Kazi Purba: What’s the story behind Amber Design House? What motivated you to establish that?

Jana: The Amber Design House project started with one cardigan for myself and without really planning anything. I didn’t ever imagine that after a while it would turn into a passionate work. This is my meditation. I can equate knitting to a kind of yoga.

I can thank my daughter Patrisha for encouraging me to develop all these. She said that other people should also see these cardigans and sweaters. I doubted it for a moment, but there was no time to think, because the customers had already appeared and were already waiting for their knitted cardigans. I just had to do it!

One cardigan, two, three… sweaters, home decor, it just happened naturally.

Our cardigans have already traveled to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and other places in world.

Kazi Purba: That is amazing! Loved the story behind your brand. What’s your product range? What special do you offer to your customers?

Jana: Amber design house produces handmade fashion crocheted and knitted outwear and decors.

Cardigan of Amber Design House worn by a girl. The photo is provided by Amber Design House to Fashionnovation's exclusive interviewd by Amber Design House to

Knitted cardigan from Amber Design House. Photo courtesy: Amber Design House.

Our products are distinguished by our hallmark – small natural amber. It is a stone of sun with good and healing energy.

Our most popular product is a knitted cardigan, also highly requested as an additional piece for wedding dresses.

We work only with high quality materials, because the end result is very important for us.


Amber Design House's cardigan's photo

Knitted product with Amber Design House’s logo on it. Photo courtesy: Amber Design House.

Kazi Purba: How much supportive are your customers? What’s your future plan for them?

Jana: All the good words and appreciations from our cool customers just give me a big inspiration. It warms my heart so much and motivates me to do more and more.

I’m thankful to everyone from the bottom of my heart for appreciating, loving and being so supportive!

If you want to know more about Jana Cuprijanoviča’s projects and Amber Design House, please visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amberdesignhouse

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberdesignhouse/

Website: www.amberdesignhouse.lv

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