Creativity in Fashion Design

Creativity in Fashion Design

What is creativity and how does it immerse in fashion design?

What is Creativity?

Creativity can be seen as something where a new idea is formed and where some old ideas are modified in a new way and which gives us a new look. Creativity in Fashion design is the relationship between creativity and fashion.

A creative man can never lag. He/she always thinks something new which is different from other imagination Creativity is characterized by the ability to find hidden patterns, which is different from other imagination.

Fashionnovation's members are always creative

Creativity in fashion design. Creativity is characterized by the ability to find a hidden pattern, which introduces new ways to the world. Courtesy: Unsplash

Creativity is characterized by the ability to find a hidden pattern, which introduces new ways to the world. But the first and foremost thing of creativity is not only about thinking, it’s also about producing. There is a saying “If u have ideas but don’t act on them you are imaginative but not creative.”

What is Fashion?

Fashion is mainly an expression of uniqueness and aestheticism in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportion.

In another way, it can be said that fashion is like a storyteller. It says that how a man is displaying himself.

Fashion shapes our society and creativity shapes fashion.

How Fashion Shapes Our Society. Fashion shapes our society and creativity shapes fashion.

Fashion is everywhere, every corner of a body, how one walks, how one sits, each and everything is included in fashion. The term fashion is related to style.

But one kind of fashion doesn’t stay forever, it changes from time to time. At a particular time, a group of people chooses a style collectively and it is known as a trend.

Actually, we can say that the world is all about fashion. The world always tries to represent herself in a new way and it is called fashion. So fashion lies everywhere, in every people, in every corner of this beautiful world.


Relationship Between Creativity & Fashion Design:

Creativity in fashion design is a must. People who are in fashion need to be mostly visual types of persons, and also better need to remember visual information in relation to any other form.

Creativity in visual arts is a visual type. It is therefore necessary to apply all the ideas and exercises to encourage creativity visually. There is a famous sentence -“Fashion is like a barrel that is constantly turning”.

It is necessary to approach the problem from a completely new side and creativity directed towards innovation. the complexity of it.

Fashion is all about creativity The more and more person’s work is unique and creative, the more the work will be highlighted. Every buyer wants unique collections and those unique collections come from creative minds.

Where does creativity come from:

Everybody thinks that creativity is something that comes by born. But this not true. The more you will practice, the more you will learn.

Practice makes a man perfect. Here just a wish for change is needed, nothing more than that. The more you will practice the more, the work will be perfect. Another thing is an inspiration, which is most important for a creative mind, man learns by seeing newer things.

Our mind can be inspired by nature, flower, sea, building, or anything. We just need a fresh mind to make it work and he/she must be punctual.

You can see the creativity of our members where they have done some mind blowing fashion illustrations.

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You can also watch a Fashionnovation video where you can get a glimpse of the creative tasks done by our members.


The satisfaction of needs is the main wish of mankind. Fashion designers are tasked to facilitate meeting the needs in the textile field in quest of satisfaction of that task and it is needed to apply and strive innovation.

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