BUTEX Career Club: A Club Running With Style to Achieve Excellence

BUTEX Career Club: A Club Running With Style to Achieve Excellence

Fashionnovation always inspires innovation and student initiatives. BUTEX Career Club is such an initiative which is nurturing the students of this university for their careers from the very beginning of their student life. Today Kazi Purba along with team Fashionnovation are glad to give a shout-out and introduce you with the club and their activities as their media partner.

With the motto ‘Incubating & Connecting the Leaders’, BUTEX Career Club (BCC) was established in May, 2016. The vision of establishment of this club is ‘ to make a connection between job field & the students, to develop various aspects related to the career growth of the students & to give them chance to develop themselves professionally, to make the students capable to face the challenges in job life’ .It is one of the most dynamic clubs of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) which specifically serve as a platform to create future leader.

The Students of BUTEX are the future Textiles Engineer who are leading the country’s most growing sector, ‘RMG Sector’. Also in corporate world, they are leading as well

The primary purpose of this club is to provide a platform for the students to connect, share knowledge, exchange resources, and collaborate on various career-related topics.

BUTEX Career Club organizes various activities and programs to help students enhance their professional skills, explore career opportunities, and prepare for the job market. These activities may include workshops, seminars, guest lectures, career counseling sessions, mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and networking events.

The club also collaborate with industry professionals, alumni, and companies to create internship and job placement opportunities for students. By engaging with the club’s activities, students can gain valuable insights into the textile industry, develop relevant skills, expand their professional networks, and improve their employability.

Here are some common activities of BUTEX Career Club:

Skill Development:

BCC often offers skill-building workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance members’ professional skills such as resume writing, interview techniques, public speaking, leadership development, and personal branding.

CV writing workshop, 30 june,2022

CV writing workshop, 30 june,2022


Online seminar on “Higher studies on Germany and job opportunities”, 1st April, 2023

Online seminar on “Higher studies on Germany and job opportunities”, 1st April, 2023


BCC often facilitates networking opportunities, allowing members to meet and connect with professionals from various industries. Networking events may include guest speaker sessions, panel discussions, and workshops.

Career Exploration helps members explore different career paths and industries. It organizes industry-specific events, company visits, and informational interviews to provide insights into various professions and help individuals make informed career decisions.

Mentorship and Coaching:

It provides mentorship programs, pairing members with experienced professionals who can provide guidance, advice, and support in their career journeys & also for higher studying.

Community and Support:

BCC fosters a sense of community among members, providing a supportive environment where individuals can share their challenges, seek advice, and celebrate successes.

Job Fair:

BCC has organized Career Fair in Dec 12, 2019 where 17 big industries have taken participate such as Square, DBL etc. It provided resources and support for job seekers include sharing job postings, reviewing resumes and cover letters, conducting mock interviews, and offering guidance on job search strategies.

Career Fair, 2019

Career Fair, 2019


Arranging Different types of Competition:

BCC arranges different type of competition such as Textile Talent Hunt, Case Competition, Career related Quiz Competition . Also, it celebrates Career Day, Career Adda etc.

BUTEX Career club’s continuously fulfilling their target & vision. In a short time period, it has already become Career consultancy pioneer, also a supportive club to students.

Every year, new batch students are recruited as club members via interview process. Only the viva-voce passed students get membership of the club.

The future plan of BCC is vast. It aims to keep the flow of its activities, moreover fill the gap between the industry & students. The day is not far when BCC will be one of the best Clubs for its vast activities in country & also globally.


Written by:

Md. Jahidul Islam Akash

Organising Secretary, BUTEX Career Club.


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A Discussion on the Pattern Making Process for a Selected Dress

A Discussion on the Pattern Making Process for a Selected Dress

Why a Discussion on Pattern Making Process?

As we need patterns to form a final dress, we worked on making patterns according to our inspiration and selected dress style. The inspiration of the dress was ‘Breath of fresh air’- a post pandemic liberating expression when the world came out from their confined zones to take the breath of fresh air. As we have already discussed the season, customer profile, theme board, mood board and all the necessary information in our portfolio, we are just covering the process report of pattern.


  • Introduction
  • Some background of the work
  • A list of pattern pieces
  • Tops
  • Front bodice (right and left)
  • Back bodice (cut on fold)
  • Sleeve
  • Bottom Portion
  • Front skirt (layer 1 and 2)
  • Front skirt (layer 3)
  • Basic skirt (back)
  • Production pattern
  • Sewing details
  • Conclusion

Some background of the work:

Theme name: Breath of fresh air

Season: Spring/ Summer 2022 Dress category: Casual Streetwear Customer profile:

Gender: Female

Age: 18-25

Country: United States of America (USA)

Region: New York City

Educatonal status: A-leve to undergrad student

Occupaton: Student

Monthly expense: $2000

Hobby: Travelling, reading

Figure 1 Final dress sketch. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba.

A list of pattern pieces:

  • Front bodice (right)
  • Front bodice (left)
  • Back bodice (cut on fold)
  • Sleeve (1*2= 2)
  • Skirt (Front) Layer 1, Layer 2.
  • Skirt (Front) Layer 3
  • Skirt (Back) Layer 4

Size of the pattern: All the patterns are made using the measurement of the size 10 dummy.


We have mainly done the patterns in two stages- 1. Basic block and 2. Production Pattern (by adding allowance to the basic block)

1. Basic Block

Front bodice (right and left)

The front bodice is mainly done using the basic bodice and a touch of dart manipulation.


Figure 1: Basic bodice (front). Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba


As our top is asymmetrical, we couldn’t just make the two parts of the front bodice same by cut and fold. That is why, we had to take the basic bodice, then cut and fold and then we had to perform dart manipulation.


Figure 2: The full part pattern with dart manipulation. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba


Figure 3: Two parts (right and left) of the front bodice with darts. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba


Back bodice (cut on fold)

For our dress, we kept the basic back bodice. The basic back bodice was made with the size 10 dummy measurement. This is done by cut and fold.


Figure 4: Basic bodice.(back). Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba.



The sleeve is made according to the basic sleeve.

Figure 5: Sleeve. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba

Bottom Portion

Front skirt (layer 1 and 2)


According to our design, we have developed the pattern into three layers for the front skirt.


The basic front skirt is firstly cut on fold and then it is customized according to the design of the dress using vary from curve ruler. Two patterns are made in this way. The layer 1 and 2. The layer 2 is 3 ich longer than the layer 1



Figure 6: Layer 1, 2 and 3 of front skirt. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba

The front skirt is made by using the basic front skirt.


Front skirt (layer 3)

The layer 3 is made by using the flipped version of the layer 2.


Basic skirt (back)

Figure 7: Basic skirt. (back). Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba.

The back of the bottom part of the dress is developed using the basic skirt. It is used for cut and fold.


Production pattern:

Patterns are traced and made again using seam allowance.



Figure 8: Two parts (right and left) of the front bodice with darts(Production pattern). Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba.

Figure 9: : Basic bodice.(back) Production Pattern. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba.

Figure 10: Sleeve (Production pattern) Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba










Bottom portion



Figure 11: Layer 1 and 2 of Front skirt (Production pattern). Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba

Figure 12: Basic skirt. (back) Production pattern. Photo courtesy: Kazi Purba

Sewing details:

Side seam is done by chain stitch using Overlock machine.

And the others are done by Plain stitch using Single needle lock stitch machine.


The patterns were made with reference to the basic blocks we created in our early pattern courses.They were traced and then customized accordingly. The basic patterns that we learnt to make, gave us a great opportunity to understand more complex patterns and thus we implemented them to make patterns for our designed dress. The previous actions (eg. Theme board, mood board, etc.) and further actions were taken accordingly to make the dress which we have covered in the portfolio.

The report was written by: Kazi Purba, the Founder and President of Fashionnovation, for his final year Portfolio project in Department of Textile Fashion and Design, Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX).

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12 Basic Fashion Studies Sketches Done by Students That Will Inspire You In Your Next Fashion Study Lab Work

12 Basic Fashion Studies Sketches Done by Students That Will Inspire You In Your Next Fashion Study Lab Work

To get a jump start to Fashion Designing, students need to go through a round of exercises and studies of Basic Fashion Studies Sketches. For Basic Fashion Designing practical course, the students of Textile Fashion and Design, batch: 46 and 47 have done extensive study on space, shape and form. As an exhibition, record and inspiration, the works of three young designers- Soumeen Tasnim, Ripa Sanjida and Fariha Ahmad Jim are presented below! Let us inspire these two young members of Fashionnovation by our kind words and sharing their works with each other.

Study on Space

Soumeen Tasnim

Figure : Positive and Negative space

Figure : Positive and Negative space

Ripa Sanjida

Figure Positive and Negative space

Fariha Ahmad Jim

Positive and Negative Space

Study on shape

Soumeen Tasnim

Figure : Organic shape

Figure Composition of organic shape

Figure Geometric shape

Figure : Composition of geometric shape

Ripa Sanjida

Figure Study on shape (organic and composition of organic)

Figure Study on geometric shape

Fariha Ahmad Jim

Figure: Geometric Shape

Figure: Organic shape

Study on form

Soumeen Tasnim

Figure Study on form

Figure Composition of form

Ripa Sanjida

Figure Study on form

Fariha Ahmad Jim

The students are from the Department of Textile Fashion and Design (TFD) of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX).

Send us your works to get featured and get worldwide exposure!

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