Pitti Uomo S/S 24: Men’s Prints & Graphics by WGSN

Pitti Uomo S/S 24: Men’s Prints & Graphics by WGSN

As we delve into the Spring/Summer 2024 season, there’s a noticeable shift towards an artistic and crafted feel, emphasizing connection and self-care. This report serves as a guiding light for your buying strategy, offering insights into the trends shaping the fashion landscape.

This trend report is by Rose Hudson, published in WGSN. Fashionnovation is proud of collecting the works from WGSN and present them towards you.

Editor’s pick: crafted patterns

As consumers increasingly gravitate towards building sustainable and personalized wardrobes, brands are tapping into traditional crafting techniques to meet this demand. From block printing to direct-to-garment painterly patterns, and even drawing inspiration from #Tapestry influences, there’s a resurgence of interest in artisanal methods.

Building upon last season’s trend of repurposed materials, the current focus shifts towards authenticity. This authenticity is not only reflected in the choice of techniques but also resonates throughout street style. Brands are embracing the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the unique character it brings to each piece.

By incorporating these traditional crafting techniques into their collections, brands are not only contributing to sustainability but also offering consumers a chance to express their individuality through their clothing. It’s a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and the timeless appeal of handmade designs.

Figure 1: Crafted pattern is a major trend in 2024

Personal connection

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a growing emphasis on self-care and reflection. Brands are responding by incorporating people-centric prints aimed at promoting self-acceptance and inclusivity. These prints are designed to resonate with individuals on a deeper level, fostering a sense of connection and belonging in line with the expanding self-care market.

Drawing inspiration from calming and feel-good themes, these prints aim to create a sense of wellness and serenity. By tapping into our Serenity & Self-Care Fast Track, brands are aligning with the growing demand for products that prioritize mental and emotional well-being.

Moreover, these prints also embrace the concept of body neutrality, emphasizing acceptance and appreciation of all body types. By promoting messages of self-love and inclusivity, brands are not only staying relevant but also contributing to a more positive and uplifting fashion landscape.

Figure 2: Personal connection is always a famous trend. Even in 2024. This is classic.

Pastoral parklife

#ParkLife encapsulates the revival of everyday countryside aesthetics and pastoral animal motifs, including ducks, horses, butterflies, and various bird species. This trend exudes a rustic, nostalgic charm with a distinctively handcrafted feel.

Fuelled by the surge in upcycling deadstock fabrics like tapestries and vintage tea towels, #ParkLife incorporates landscape #ToileDeJouy prints, illustrated placements, and artistic renditions. These elements contribute to a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship, adding depth to the overall aesthetic.

For the more traditional consumer, key motifs such as #Birds and horses take center stage, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. Meanwhile, younger consumers are drawn to the inclusion of pastoral animals such as goats and cows, infusing a playful and contemporary twist into the design narrative.

Embrace the charm of #ParkLife in your wardrobe or home decor, and immerse yourself in the beauty of countryside-inspired motifs and handcrafted detailing.

Figure 3: Pastoral parklife trend-2024.

Mineral textures

Texture prints are evolving with a sophisticated and mineral-inspired edge, incorporating intricate digitalized prints and dye patterns that redefine #NaturesTexture. Drawing inspiration from our digital waves callout, exhibitors are exploring textures found in ice and water, seeking to capture the dynamic and mesmerizing qualities of these natural elements.

Innovative brands like Hul Le Kes from the Netherlands and Pas Une Marque from France are leading the charge by developing prints crafted with natural dyes derived from rust. This innovative approach not only adds depth and richness to the prints but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in fashion.

With a focus on texture and detail, these prints offer a contemporary take on nature-inspired motifs, inviting consumers to connect with the beauty and complexity of the natural world in new and unexpected ways.

Figure 4: Mineral Texture Trend-2024


The growing appreciation for nature and the rise of self-care hobbies like gardening serve as the inspiration for this important print and graphic narrative. As arts and crafts become increasingly integrated into the menswear market, #CraftedDetails and #Personalization take center stage, expanding on the #Horticool themes with a DIY aesthetic.

Think of embroidered floral motifs and vintage inspirations that evoke a sense of nostalgia and eco-consciousness. These elements create a connection to our Spring/Summer 2024 capsule collection, Nature Artist, which celebrates the beauty of the natural world through artistic expression.

With a focus on handcrafted details and personalized touches, this trend invites individuals to infuse their wardrobe with elements of nature and creativity. Whether it’s adding embroidered patches to a denim jacket or customizing a shirt with botanical prints, #CraftedDetails and #Personalization offer a unique and meaningful way to connect with nature in everyday life.

Figure 5: Botanicultural trend 2024.

Sunset snacks

The emergence of #FoodInFashion and #DrinksInDesign motifs has caught our attention, tying into our Self-care snack forecast story. These trends evoke a hedonistic vibe, expanding on party room themes to encompass after-work drinks and foods that encourage relaxation and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures.

While comfort food continues to hold relevance, there’s a shift towards healthy summer harvest themes. Think vibrant fruit labels and personified cartoon characters adorning clothing and accessories, adding a playful and refreshing touch to fashion.

This trend celebrates the joy of indulging in delicious treats and savoring moments of relaxation, whether it’s unwinding with a refreshing drink or enjoying the bounty of summer fruits. With #FoodInFashion and #DrinksInDesign, fashion becomes a feast for the senses, inviting individuals to embrace the hedonistic side of life and indulge in a little culinary-inspired style.

Figure 6: Sunset snacks trends 2024

Artistic maritime

In harmony with the artistic atmosphere of the season, timeless maritime trends receive a contemporary update with the use of #Watercolour and #PainterlyPattern techniques, perfectly in line with our Vacation moments forecast trend. This direction embraces a narrative approach, reminiscent of journaling and storytelling, connecting to #SummerSketchbook scenes and evoking nostalgia for charming destinations.

Imagine hand-painted fish motifs and scenic landscapes that transport you to idyllic coastal retreats. These elements come together to create a bolder and more expressive feel, as seen in the designs of French brand OLOW.

With #Watercolour and #PainterlyPattern techniques, fashion becomes a canvas for capturing the essence of summertime adventures and seaside memories. It’s about embracing the artistic spirit and infusing your wardrobe with the beauty of hand-drawn details and picturesque vistas.

Figure 7: Artistic maritime trend 2024

Vibrant vacay

High summer prints burst with energy, capturing the vibrant essence of a vacation with electric garden florals and distorted dye patterns in vivid colors. Denmark’s ISNURH exemplifies the potential of Kornit digital printing capabilities, showcasing the remarkable color intensity achievable with biodegradable ink.

These prints evoke a sense of excitement and adventure, transporting wearers to sun-drenched destinations and lively tropical landscapes. Whether it’s bold floral motifs or abstract patterns reminiscent of swirling ocean waves, these designs infuse summer wardrobes with a burst of vitality and dynamism.

For further exploration, be sure to explore our Dopamine Summer design capsule, where you’ll find even more exhilarating prints and innovative techniques to elevate your summer style to new heights.

Figure 8: Vibrant vacay trend 2024

Barely there tonal

In the midst of busy and playful fashion ranges, #LowKeyLuxury collections offer a serene and understated elegance. We’ve been observing the evolution of #ToneOnTone prints, noting their transition into barely-there renditions, offering a subtle alternative to fabric interest items.

To achieve this minimalist aesthetic, consider circular monomaterial techniques such as same-thread embroidery, laser cutting, and delicate broderie. These methods create subtle textures and patterns that add depth without overwhelming the design.

Additionally, opt for water-based inks, which have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional printing methods. By prioritizing sustainability and simplicity, #LowKeyLuxury collections offer a refined and mindful approach to fashion, allowing individuals to express their style with quiet confidence.

Figure 9: Barely there tonal trend 2024

Nautical collage

In a celebration of #JoyfulExpression and nautical themes, irregular shapes mingle with carefree motifs in stamped and blocked iterations. Brands embrace the trend of #CutoutPrints, incorporating scrap collage techniques to update traditional nautical motifs and sun prints with a playful twist.

These designs evoke a sense of joy and spontaneity, inviting wearers to embrace their adventurous spirit and express themselves freely. Whether it’s whimsical sea creatures or abstract shapes reminiscent of waves, these prints add a touch of lightheartedness to summer wardrobes.

The woven #ResortShirt emerges as a key silhouette to watch, with its projected growth supported by data from our UK and US TrendCurve+. With its relaxed fit and versatile styling options, the resort shirt promises to be a staple piece for those seeking effortless summer style.

Embrace the spirit of joyful expression and playful nautical motifs this season, and let your wardrobe reflect the carefree vibes of summer.

Figure 10: Nautical collage trend 2024

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Trend Analysis and Fashion Trends of 2019

Trend Analysis and Fashion Trends of 2019

Trend analysis is a part and parcel of fashion design studies. As Fashionnovation talks about fashion and is going to be a repository of fashion related knowledge, we have taken the responsibility to gather and present such knowledge as much as possible. That is why we have various Trend analysis related articles, have trend analysis of 2021, 2022. and 2023. Also have the overall trends and features of the 21st century fashion which is the best article of this kind in Google.

So, to fill up the gaps, we have also included the fashion trends of 2019.

Things that we’ll cover!

The 12 colour palette

Basic colour palette!
Silhouette forecast of 2019
Makeup trend 2019
Haircut and hair colour trend 2019
Accessories forecast 2019

Besides these, you will also get to know some basics about fashion trends, trend analysis, colour forecasting, etc.

What’s trend analysis?

Trend analysis is the act of collecting information and attempting to figure out a pattern from the accumulated information. In fashion trend analysis has a lot to do with the seasons, past history of dress-ups, demography, etc.

Trend analysis in fashion industry?

The fashion forecasting process includes the basic steps of understanding the state of the target customers, collecting information about the available products, preparing information, determining trends, and choosing appropriate products for the company and target customer. Color and style are two of the important objects to forecast for most buyers and merchandisers.

For getting free trend reports online, the sources which make it easy to stay informed and watch the forecasting process unfold:

  • Trend Tablet,
  • Peclers Paris,
  • Nelly Rodi Lab
  • Fashion Snoops

WGSN and F-TREND are other important companies for online fashion forecasting.

Top 12 colour palette

Colour palette? Why color palettes are used?

A color palette, in the Digital world, refers to the full range of colors that can be displayed on a device screen or other interface, or in paints or illustrations.

Who chooses the Colour palette?

The Pantone Color Institute’s 2019 “Color of the Year” is called Living Coral (16-1546). The Institute choses and declares a color of the year every year. This is one of the most influential committees which consists of a group of 10 people whose names are kept secret. They meet in Europe twice a year — May and November — at the invitation of Pantone, a company based in Carlstadt, N.J., whose only business is color.

Interestingly, according to NPD, a market research group, this company has a hand in the color of about half of all garments sold in the U.S.

Top 12 colour palette for spring/summer 2019!

Top 12 colour palette for spring/summer 2019!

Top 12 colour palette for spring/summer 2019!

Top 12 colour palette for Autumn/winter 2019!

Top 12 colour palette for Autumn/winter 2019!

Basic colour palette!

Basic colour palette!

Basic colour palette!

The Basic scheme contains both primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (orange,

green, and purple) from the color wheel. All these colors are bright, bold, and contrast to each other, that make the Basic scheme so eye-catching. Meanings: Strong, solid, clear, simple, direct.

Silhouette forecast of 2019


Silhouette forecast of 2019 

Silhouette forecast of 2019

Make up trend 2019

Make up trend 2019

Make up trend 2019

Hair cut trend 2019

Hair cut trend 2019

Hair cut trend 2019

Hair colour trend 2019

Hair colour trend 2019

Hair colour trend 2019

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